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Industry Spotlight: Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design
Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design
Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design

More than any other transportation industry, there’s something very special about the Airline, Aviation, Aircraft and Airline industry. We’ve always been fascinated with air travel. Maybe it is because it appeals to so many different people. Whether you’re a casual vacationer, a frequent business-class flyer, or you're in the air cargo business, there is something special that is unique to all- speed and flight. This article will focus on the way that a logo design plays a key role in the identification, experience, safety, and general well being of its passengers or users in the Airline, Aviation, Aircraft and Airplane industry.

Generally an Airline can be global, intercontinental, domestic, chartered or cargo. Airline, Aviation, Aircraft and Airplane Logo Designs for each of these segments are different, and can cross-convey certain industries. In designing a successful logo in this industry, it is crucial to keep in mind very important key points. Often, the consistency and proper use of the logo design will determine its success. Larger airlines, as well as large aviation industry leaders, often have internal branding departments and/or external branding experts that guide and analyze the proper use of their brands. However, the almost infinite number of small businesses in the aviation industry, whether it be engineering firms, airplane parts, private charter management, leased aircraft management companies, etc., also need to keep the same branding principles as their larger rivals or partners do - in order to maximize their brands.

Points of Interest: Geography & Passenger Profiles
Who uses your airline and where can directly influence the logo design. Take, for example, a small charter airline service, that operates mostly in the Caribbean, and caters to vacation travel. The Geographic point of interest, in this case, the Caribbean, may be an element to consider as an identifier for the brand. And, the passenger profile is mainly vacation travel. An airline, aviation, aircraft or airplane logo design for this area may be represented by a positive aspect of the territorial region, like for example, but not specifically, a geographic area, natural attraction, local traditions, or an element of nature inspired through its domestic or an inspired area. In the same context, a small air-charter service, for example, an airline flying from Los Angeles to Lagos, with the passenger profile being predominately ex-patriots of Nigeria, may want to focus their airline, aviation, aircraft or airplane logo design on an aspect of Nigeria, to enhance the brand awareness of their passenger profile. If the demographics of the passengers and/or customers are for private corporate jet management clients, then the usual design strategy is to promote a luxurious all points, non-time restraining element in the logo design. Regardless of the type of passenger profile, it is important to visualize it correctly within the airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design.

Branding the Travel Experience
Perhaps it’s the sheer power of the airplane engines, or the calculated precision pilots have to fly these giant monsters. Airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design is further enhanced by the experiences of its passengers, users, employees, staff and crew. It takes so many parts to deliver a positive brand experience, and in the airline industry, showing a positively reinforced element in the logo design can positively empower and propel the brand. Uniformly, the entire team carries the same brand, and that experience is enhanced by the usage and completion, therefore promoting an experience. Many of the experiences of brand promotion through the proper usage of an airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design are unseen, but felt. That is when you know you have a good brand. From the moment someone books a flight on your website, to when they check in for their flight, wait in the lounge, embark and fly, the airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design should demonstrate an experience. Crossing these fundamentals with other elements, such as interior design, lighting, printing, communications, public relations and advertising, it is important to uniquely promote the value of an experience.

Positioning & Placement
Airlines are a moving object, and usually the first thing to come to our minds when thinking of the positioning of the airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design are the following: tail wing, side of the airplane body, lounges and airport signage. However, there are so many other places airlines promote their logo design. Employee Uniforms, Airport Interior Directional Signage, Loyalty Programs, Television and Print Advertising Campaigns, Web Sites, Maintenance Vehicles, Food Packaging, Employee Equipment, Public Relations, and Company Communications (Company communications tools, like intranet or newsletters, are usually for internal corporate identity usage, but still used as a positive brand reinforcer.). It is crucial, for the identification of its passengers, users, or customers, that an airline, aviation, aircraft or airplane logo design be placed correctly on the given applications. As mentioned previously, the consistent application will visually reinforce the brand experience through proper usage and placement of the airline, aviation, aircraft and airplane logo design. In the case where a tagline or slogan is involved, it is important to decide how the slogan will be tied to the corporate message. In most cases, we do not recommend to use both the brand and the slogan on primary applications, such as airplane signage or interior lounges.

Branding an Airline Culture through Proper use of Colors
One visual identifier of an airline, aviation, aircraft or airplane logo design is its color. Many airlines, aviation companies or other involved in the industry visually reinforce their brand with their logo’s color. This is done for many reasons. One of course, is easy recognition on their terminals and airport areas. However, one of the most important reasons for the use of color is the expansion of a corporate culture. For example, Jet Blue does this very well. Despite some recent hurdles in 2007, Blue is a color that emphasizes confidence, a character trait that is important to the airline industry, especially in these times. Blue also demonstrates vastness, opportunity, a sense of modernism and openness and honesty. Jet Blue is more than an airline, it categorizes its company name, usage of colors, and visual experience through its well designed and well implemented corporate culture.

Smaller firms wishing to implement a branding strategy through a properly designed aviation, airline, aircraft or airplane logo design should keep several factors in mind. The research process, even for new companies is important in determining the direction and phases involved to maximize the final output of a successful logo. And, perhaps, unlike almost any other industry, loyalty factors, competition, and repetitive brand positioning, all play a direct role on the success through the proper usage of the logo in all aspects of an airline, aviation, private business jet charter and/or aircraft management company.

Quick Facts About Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Industries
Singapore Airlines spends about $700 million on food every year and $16 million on wine alone. First class passengers consume 20,000 bottles of alcohol every month and Singapore Airlines is the second largest buyer of Dom Perignon champagne in the world.

British Airways passengers consume in 1 year; 40.5 tonnes of Chicken, 6 tonnes of Caviar, 22 tonnes of Smoked Salmon, 557,507 Boxes of Chocolates, and 90,000 cases of Champagne.

The abbreviation ORD for Chicago's O'Hare airport comes from the old name "Orchard Field."

KLM is the worlds' oldest airline established in 1919.

Featured on an American Airlines packet of peanuts:
"Instructions: Open packet, eat nuts."

Newark Airport (EWR) has a history that includes the inauguration of the Newark Airport Administration Building by Amelia Earhart.

Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design Examples We've Designed
Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design ExamplesAirline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design ExamplesAirline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design Examples

Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design Examples

Airline, Aviation, Aircraft & Airplane Logo Design Examples

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