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Industry Spotlight: Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design
Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design
Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design

An event, seminar, meeting & anniversary logo design can motivate and mobilize employees, and impress clients and business partners. If the event is planned correctly the results will be profitable for the company and its employees. A good planning procedure would consider what is best suited for the company and its goals. Of course, it will also adapt to a given budget. If the company values team work, cooperation and long term, strong employee relationships, the choice may be organizing an event in a friendly atmosphere where participants may stay for a picnic and enjoy the opportunity to meet people from other departments.

There are various forms of events, seminars, meetings & anniversaries, such as: inexpensive and friendly company family days, sport events opened to employees and their families, shows, or the company may use its imagination to combine them or invent something new. Some travel agencies have special packages for companies looking for a more sophisticated incentive for their employees. The goal for a more dynamic event is to mobilize people in a fun and attractive way to take challenges and responsibilities. They are a way to develop leadership and creativity among people. The results may be amazing: after the lights go off, a company may discover a new...natural leader for their sales department! This phenomenon is known as a gesture result.

The Alignment of Company Culture
A logo for an event, seminar, meeting & anniversary may have its own personality but also it should coexist with the already established visual elements of the company’s corporate identity. While a corporate logo has an extensive role to play in targeting a primarily external audience, it also creates links with customers and partners. The logo created for this type of event has a more limited but not less significant goal. It has to appeal to employees while integrating with the company’s culture and ideology. In other words, the ideas of "friendliness" and "warmth" don't exclude the professionalism. A casual, human approach of the design creates a positive impact throughout the company. In fact, the logo event is a part of the enterprise culture and not a piece of clip art without a meaning. It talks about shared values and company culture.

How the Visual System Blends Together
Here the primary target audience is the employee at work and with regards to entertainment. The event, seminar, meeting & anniversary logo design may be used on invitations, displayed on the intranet website, printed on T-shirts or engraved on trophies. A travel program open to employees can use its own logo which may be printed on apparel or travel bags. A good complement for the logo would be a slogan reflecting the spirit of the event.

Company anniversaries are a good opportunity to include the aspect of motivation and internal awareness. A logo design for the event will make it more memorable and professional. A suggestion may be the creation of a special event logo design that will be used on all the items related to the event: from badges identifying the participants to signage used on the cars, vans or buses, the logo design may be the visual element to make the event more distinct.

Incentive Events for Customers and Partners
The event, seminar, meeting & anniversary logo design has become an effective and strategic marketing tool when organized for valued customers or business partners. Usually it is used to increase awareness and loyalty in the company among the customers or business community by organizing decontracted meetings, sport or cultural events. It may be associated with sponsorships but a major difference is that the company is always the unique "promoter" and its corporate goals can not be considered "non-profit". Meanwhile, an incentive event has a more precise target and goals than a "pure" sponsorship event. The logo is an important element of any incentive event program and can contribute to its success. A logo conceived for this type of event should communicate corporate values in a more specific way. It should convey ideas of appreciation for the customer or business partner. A soft and warm approach would help to establish a link between the company and its guests, and will let them know that the event is professionally planned and supervised as any other activity of the company. Any serious company can't ignore how it's perceived among its employees, business partners or customers. The business success is also determined by the level of communication inside and outside the company offices and also by a unique and consistent image projected. A logo for an event is the opportunity to build a memorable relationship with your key audience. While it is not necessary to produce a separate graphical identity system for the event, some minimal guidelines should be implemented as the project can be integrated in the corporate identity manual. The logo may be consistently used for mailings for the event, in ads, signage or to maximize communication of the corporate objectives through national and/or local media.

Retail & E-Commerce Events
The retail / e-commerce / web industry benefits heavily from specials, sales and promotions. The establishments (on-line or off-line) that take full advantage of seasonal or anniversary events that succeed. Designing Identity campaigns for these time-constraint events can be challenging. A repeated event can be described as a seasonal or holiday event that consumers can all relate too. Often, many retailers have very similar campaigns and sales which correspond to the same event in our society. For instance, a Christmas sale, which runs for at least 2 months of the year is celebrated by all merchants. Other examples of seasonal repeated events can be, Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, and even Labor day. Anniversaries are celebrations of a business birthday, and what better way to celebrate but with a birthday sale. It is not common for small businesses to follow this trend, however larger businesses hold mega-blowouts for their 1 year anniversary! Anniversary event logos can be associated to the "birthday" bash and a loud type of look, but different campaigns can be creative. For example, a store catering to the Chinese community in Montreal had an anniversary sale dedicated to the year of the tiger.

Sporting Events
The sports events are the most targeted by the sponsors. They have great visibility and impact, no matter what the age, nationality or location of the participants (players or spectators). Colors or shades which are difficult to reproduce in fabric or in the printed form should be avoided. Colors which stand out from a distance and are readily recognizable against the sky or the sea are preferable. Take the well known Olympic logo for instance: it's simple and effective and universally appeals to people around the world. The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games logo which has a "millennium athlete" portrayed there includes a boomerang, which we all can associate with a traditional Australian item. The stylized boomerang is naturally integrated with the overall design (which also uses the national colors) and the logo has dynamics and balance. The design should be recognized internationally so it was designed to be simple and effective. When the event is sponsored by a unique sponsor, such as the Canadian Open Tennis Tournament, the company may want to use its corporate logo as the event logo in order to keep a consistent image. Another example is when the unique sponsor integrates their logo into an event logo. In the case of a Grand Prix Formula One race logo, the marriage of symbols resulted in a memorable logo.

Identifying the Class Structures of Attendees
Identifying the type of person that may attend the event, seminar, meeting & anniversary requires much research and is an important factor that affects the design process. As we know, society is interested in current events and how to better their lives. Each class structure may be interested in the same topic, but for their own individual needs. Many times, seminar topics can have a "time-constraint" because of the immediate interest or attention in the world today. For example, when high levels of bacteria were found in the water filtration plant in an undisclosed city in the USA, people all over the world became concerned about how to protect themselves from being sick. Seminars were held all over North America for months after this event in society and they targeted many different ‘class structures’. Examples of class structures in these situations can be parents, school district authorities, city officials and environmentalists.

After identifying the class structures of potential attendees, seminar companies next spend time identifying the motive for their seminars. The three reasons for holding a seminar are: educate, advertise and test-market. The three can be tied together or separated in an event, but at least one characteristic of the event is included in the planning phases.

Education: Often a How-To entry level seminar, these events are aimed at the inexperienced professional or non-professional in a certain area. Often, it’s a simple overlook at the topic without going into detail. A certain level of empowerment is involved here to the benefit of the value-added offerings ‘after’ the event. An example of this type of seminar is ‘How to use the Internet to Start a Small Business’, followed by a book special after the seminar, and ‘how-to’ tapes from experienced professionals.

Advertisement: After the launch of a new razor by a large razor manufacturer, the company may choose to hold seminars targeted to raising awareness and sales of their new product. They may want to choose to hold such topics as ‘How to get the best shave’, ‘Don’t cut yourself, cut the old razor!". These topics are usually free to attend, but are for the end-goal of profit! These topics raise curiosity for the end-users, and with correct research and planning can lead to better sales, and consumers switching to new products. The seminar plays an important role.

Test-Market: The best way to learn about an end-user's interest in a topic or product is to hold a seminar. Well planned and marketed, these seminars test the interest of people in a topic. They are often held at events where there are a large audiences, and appeal to strategic class-structures. These events are short and simple, last no more than 20 minutes, and there are many types of printed information that is handed out. Depending on the results and research, it is the company's ultimate decision to continue in the development of the seminar or not.

Quick Facts About Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Industries
Where Do People Stay When Traveling For Business Meetings & Events? The most common hotel named in a recent online survey was Marriott. The Hilton chain followed in second place, with Sheraton and Holiday Inn tieing for third.

The word seminar is derived from the Latin word seminarium, meaning "seed plot."

New York City's Javits Convention Center is named in honor of the late U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits.

A webinar is a type of web conference, that tends to be mostly one-way, from the speaker to the audience with limited audience interaction, such as in a Webcast.

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from its conception, through design and manufacturing, to service and disposal.

Public relations is the management of internal and external communications of an organization to create and maintain a positive image. Public relations involves popularizing successes, downplaying failures, announcing changes, and many other activities.

Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples We've Designed
Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design ExamplesEvent, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design ExamplesEvent, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples

Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples

Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples
Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design ExamplesEvent, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples

Event, Seminar, Meeting & Anniversary Logo Design Examples

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